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YES Legacy Society: Jennie & Larry Rush

Lidia Harding
Blog Donor Spotlight
jennie and larry rush

Jennie and Larry Rush recently joined the YES Legacy Society. We are so proud to have their lasting partnership on behalf of local youth and families!

Both Jennie and Larry actively seek to help kids in our community. Jennie started serving as a YES Trustee in 2008 and Larry previously served as a YES SUCCESS Mentor. Plus, they’ve led Girl Scout troops, coached youth sports, and supported local youth in foster care.

When Jennie and Larry were young, they both had family members who struggled with addiction and mental health issues. They agree, “We could have benefitted from the types of services YES offers.”

With six grandchildren ranging from ages 3 1/2 to 20, they are well aware of the challenges kids face these days. Jennie and Larry believe “YES has never been more relevant.”

Their bequest to YES demonstrates their unwavering support of local youth and families. By making their planned gift public, they hope to encourage others to consider their own legacy for local youth and families.

To learn more about becoming part of the Legacy Society visit our website or contact Madelaine Thompson, Director of Fun Development and Community Relations at 425.586.2328

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