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YES Featured on KOMO News Juuling/Vaping Segment

Lidia Harding
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KOMO News features YES and reporting on Juuling

Last night, YES was featured on KOMO News in an investigative piece on Juuling/vaping. Reporter, Molly Shen, did a wonderful job sharing information about Juuling to parents and teens, while representing YES well. YES’ very own Cathleen Leader did great, encouraging parents to talk with their children. Also Alex Edwards, who you may recolonize as our 2018 client speaker at our Invest in Youth Breakfast, did a wonderful job sharing a student’s perspective on the issue.

If you have a moment please watch the short 3 minute segment and, share with your friends and families.

Dangerous teen trend: JUULing at school

BELLEVUE, Wash. — The Food and Drug Administration is now cracking down on a popular e-cigarette brand. And even if you haven’t heard of JUUL, chances are any middle or high school student in your life knows exactly what it is. Teenagers are using them in school parking lots, bathrooms, even classrooms.

“It’s the new high school thing. Everyone’s got the JUUL,” said Jordan Woods at Rain City Vape. Woods says he regularly kicks teens younger than 18 years old out of the store and confiscates fake ID’s.

The makers of JUUL say it’s supposed to help adults quit smoking. But teens are a driving force behind JUUL’s popularity.

“It’s incredibly prevalent in the schools,” said Officer Jeff Borsheim of Bellevue Police. He’s the school resource officer at Bellevue High School, but says vaping devices are showing up in middle schools, too.

Alex Edwards is a senior at Eastlake High School. “The first time I used the vape was right before 8th grade,” he said. “The buzz was nice and it was immediately an attraction to do it again.”

He’s now 18 years old, legal to buy vaping products. But he says age isn’t much of a factor. “Very popular. Every grade at my school,” he said. “I’m a senior and all the freshmen, sophomore, junior, we all do ’em.”

The JUUL first hit the market in 2015, and already accounts for more than half the e-cig sales in the country.

View the complete story at KOMO News.

A great resource to learn more about the current trends and issues around alcohol, drugs and nicotine is at our Alcohol Drug Education Class (ADEC). The four hour class, for youth and parents, is held the 4th Saturday of each month at our Bellevue office location. For more information download our ADEC Flier or visit our Substance Use Services page on our website. You can always give us call at 425.747.4937 or email at 

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