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Treating Mental Health & Substance Use at the Same Time

Lidia Harding
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Co-Occurring Disorders Treatment

With your support clients receive both mental health & substance use services at the same time

Around 6 out of 10 people with a substance use disorder also suffer from a mental health condition, known as co-occurring disorders. For adolescents, co-occurring disorders can present unique challenges.

What are co-occurring disorders?

This may be a teen using alcohol to escape crippling anxiety, or a youth struggling with trauma who uses Xanax to numb intense emotions. Even if the youth may not be addicted, substance use may still impact their mind, moods, and physical health. In counseling, it’s important to meet clients where they are and look at everything that impacts their health.

“With a significant core of our work being done with adolescents, it’s necessary for our clinicians to be dually trained in both mental health and substance use treatment. Teens are more likely to experiment and, unfortunately, many of those with mental health disorders often turn to alcohol or other drugs to self-medicate,” said David W. Downing, YES CEO.

Dually-Licensed therapists

At YES, we understand that treating the whole person requires the use of dually-certified therapists — Masters-level, licensed therapists who are also certified as Substance Use Disorder Professionals (SUDP). We specifically recruit dually-certified therapists and provide additional training for staff. Hiring dually-licensed clinicians and providing additional training is expensive, but thanks to you, young clients are able to receive the best, research-proven therapies to give them a better chance at long-term recovery, lower the rate of relapse, and reduce the number of suicide attempts.

Co-Occurring Services are vital for ALL

Access to co-occurring disorders treatment can be difficult to find, especially for youth. According to the American Journal of Psychiatry, most of the youth with mental health disorders (75-80%) do not receive services. Because of this, it has been vitally important that supporters help YES continue to provide co-occurring disorders treatment for young people in our community, whether or not clients can afford care.

Learn more

Watch this informal video from YES Co-Occurring Disorders Supervisor A.G. Noble and learn more about YES’ Co-Occurring Disorders Treatment.

Co-Occurring Disorders Treatment


Please consider making a gift today to provide children, youth, and families with evidence-based therapies like Co-Occurring Disorders Treatment to provide clients with the best possible outcomes. And thanks to donations like yours, no family is turned away because they can’t afford to pay for services.

Whether you’re a teen, a caring friend, a parent, or a concerned adult, you can reach out to YES for help. Contact us to schedule an appointment at 425-747-4937. Now offering virtual Telehealth services.

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