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Talking about Diversity with Kids

Lidia Harding
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July Fourth

Youth Eastside Services’, CEO Patti Skelton-McGougan shares a few tips with Kirkland Reporter on how parents can approach the topic of diversity with younger children.

At Youth Eastside Services, we find that many children are dealing with bullying, aggressive behavior and negative comments related to their differences or the differences in others. We are seeing a growing need for conversations around diversity, social justice, racism and stereotypes to begin at an earlier age.

The following are a few tips for how parents can approach the topic of diversity with younger children:

Notice the differences. Talk about differences you and your child notice while you watch movies, read books or see people in your community. Privately point out different skin colors, ages, genders, weight, abilities, clothing, languages and more. Help them build a vocabulary around the differences they see.

Read the complete article at the Kirkland Reporter.

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