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Summer Recovery Through Fun and Friendships

Lidia Harding
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YES creates innovative opportunities to help kids continue their recovery over the summer months.

On the last day of summer camp, the ropes course was filled with loud cheers as campers yelled: “You can do it!” “You got this!” They encouraged each other to work through their fears and the challenges the course presented. That day, before the campers left, the counselors asked, “What was your favorite thing about each other?” They all expressed being happy that they got to develop a connection with one another.

This is one of counselor Emma Stolz’s favorite memories from last year’s Summer Explorers.

“I love to watch the kids develop friendships with each other and see them come out of their shells,” Emma said.

The YES Summer Explores program gives kids ages 9 to 14 the opportunity get out and enjoy new activities while accompanied by trained YES therapists. The youth who attend the camp are from low-income families, who face social or interpersonal challenges. Campers spend one day a week for seven weeks engaging in exciting summer activities and also learning to resolve conflicts, control impulses, manage anger, and become more social, all while having fun.

This year’s activities include a tour of Microsoft, the Pacific Science Center where campers will attend an IMAX show and laser show, a visit to Oxbow Farms to learn how to grow nutritional foods, a hike at Discovery Park, visiting the Woodland Park Zoo, Henry Moses Aquatic Center, and the Seattle Aquarium!

A huge thank-you to our community partners who make these excursions possible! Emma said, “It has been so amazing to see this community come together and provide opportunities for these kids.”

Just $50 sends a teen YES Summer Explorers.
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