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Sandy Torrey on what it means to support YES

Lidia Harding
Blog Donor Spotlight Invest in Youth Breakfast Q&A

Our annual Invest in Youth Breakfast is East King County’s premier fundraising event that brings together 1000+ generous individuals with a passion for helping young people and their families. None of it would be possible without the help of our Table Captains.

Each year around 100 individuals and companies volunteer to serve as Table Captains and invite their friends, family, colleagues and community members to join them in their support of YES. They are the spirit behind our event, stepping up on behalf of children, youth and families struggling with mental health and substance use issues.

Sandy Torrey is a longtime supporter of YES, a YES board trustee, and has served as a table captain for many years, serving as Co-Chair in 2015 and this year. We asked Sandy what being a Table Captain means to her:

What was your first experience as a Table Captain like?

I had never done anything like this before and I had no idea whether it would be difficult or not. As I started to reach out to friends and co-workers to fill a table, it became quickly apparent how interested many of them were in YES’ mission. Three tables later, I realized just how easy it was to fill my tables with others interested in finding out more about YES and the support they needed to continue their much-needed services.

What does being a Table Captain mean to you?

As a board member and the Breakfast Co-Chair for this year’s event, you can only imagine how important it is to reach our goal and fill the room with 1000+ attendees. We can only do this with the dedication from our table captains. Table captains play an important role in getting that room filled with people who continue to want to learn more about what services YES provides and how their donation can help this nonprofit succeed.  Seeing that room filled reminds me of why I’m a Trustee on the board.

What motivates you to return as a Table Captain each year?

I believe in the mission of YES. The importance of filling my tables with other supporters that are dedicated to supporting YES financially is what it comes down to.

Today, I am so fortunate to have the support from so many of my friends and co-workers who have stepped up and not only attended but have joined me in being table captains and filling additional tables themselves.

If you’d like to join Sandy and YES for breakfast, please register on our website at For any questions please contact Becca Holbrook at 425-586-2318 or

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