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Sandy and Jeffrey Torrey Leaving a Legacy

Lidia Harding
Donor Spotlight
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(From the 2020 Spring printed newsletter)

Sandy and Jeff Torrey became a part of the YES Legacy Society a few years ago when they decided it was time to update their trust. They were inspired to plan their legacy after Sandy served as executor of a family member’s estate and saw firsthand how thoughtful planning now can make a powerful impact later.

Sandy said, “I wanted that experience for my son. Now that he’s in his twenties, we felt he was ready to know about our planned giving decisions and the legacy we want to leave behind.”

Both Sandy and Jeff have longtime relationships with their favorite organizations. Sandy continues to serve on the YES Board of Trustees and Jeff supports other nonprofit agencies.

“We’re trying to set a good example for our son and hope these conversations make him consider finding a charitable focus in an area that he’s passionate about.”

“For me, it was easy,” she said. “There is nothing I love more than walking through the front doors of YES heading to a board meeting and seeing the lobby full of kids here to get the help they need. This place changes lives.”

Want to join Sandy and Jeff in YES’ Legacy Society? Contact Lisa Hay, Chief Advancement Officer at 425-586-2328 or

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