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You saved Rachel’s life

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Think back to when you were a teenager. It was tough sometimes, wasn’t it? Now imagine being that age again, and feeling so sad and hopeless that you don’t want to go on living. Rachel felt that way.

Rachel was suffering from debilitating depression and anxiety. Her relationship with her family was rocky, and she thought about suicide often. She came to YES seeking a better life for herself.

For Rachel, counseling wasn’t easy. She admitted to struggling with drugs and alcohol because they were the only things that made her feel better.

But Rachel’s world came crashing down when she got into a car accident while blacked out under the influence of alcohol. Her YES counselor gave her a choice: give sobriety a chance, or continue down this dangerous path. With her counselor’s empowerment and support, Rachel got sober.

Today, she’s been clean for several months. She reports zero suicidal thoughts and almost no signs of depression. Her recovery has transformed her life: She’s earned back her family’s trust, has a new group of friends and a steady boyfriend, and is excited about attending school and finding work this fall.

Multiply Rachel’s story by the 5,200+ young people YES helps every year, and you have the impact you’re making on the community when you support our work. Thank you for helping make what we do happen. Thank you for helping Rachel.

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