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Pari Accesses Mental Health Services During the Pandemic

Lidia Harding
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Pari's story it'll be ok


Shortly after the start of the pandemic, Pari, 15 began to experience worsening symptoms of depression and anxiety. Her mother was worried about counseling services because they couldn’t afford them. Their doctor recommended Youth Eastside Services.

Feeling forgotten

“In 7th grade, I had a really good friends group. Things were going well. But in 8th grade, I came back a little late because I went to Bangladesh. So when I came back, a lot of people forgot me.”

Then the pandemic hit

“I mean, at first, I was happy. “Oh, I don’t have to deal with school. Okay. Whatever.” But I guess I was happy because I thought everybody would forget everything from 8th grade, so when I started high school I’d have like a fresh start, and things would be good.”

When the nightmares began

“I was having like really bad nightmares. And they would be really painful – like I would feel physical pain. I’d be like drowning, and stuff like that. And they were reminiscent of like bad parts of my life, but like amplified by ten times – so I just did not want to sleep at all.  It was a mess.”

“One day, I was on the couch, it was hard to think. My family was really concerned. My mom was also scared because we had tried to do therapy before, but she couldn’t afford it.”

Affordable mental health services

“My doctor told us about YES. Mom was glad we found them because I could go even if we couldn’t afford it. With a counselor, you have to admit you are going through things and you have to confront your feelings. My counselor helped me talk about it and accept that I could feel negative emotions and that’s okay.”

Things will be ok

“Now it feels a lot easier to get through life. I actually like sleeping.”

“I just started talking to my in-person friends again and I really do feel comfortable talking to them for some reason. And now I feel like I can back to school and it will be okay.”

I feel like I can go back to school and things will be okay. I’ll be okay,”  Pari, 15

Youth like Pari have hope for their future thank to our generous donors and supporters.  Be a lifeline in a young person’s life make your gift today and provide youth with hope for a brighter tomorrow! Whether you donate $5 or $500, every gift will make a difference in the life of a child or youth seeking hope and recovery.

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*At YES, we respect everyone who comes to us for support, and many youth are working on improving their lives. So while their stories are true, client names and images may have been changed to protect their privacy. Thank you for understanding.

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