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Meet Zuko

Lidia Harding
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Zuko had nowhere to turn.

They were struggling with an overwhelming combination of depression, anxiety, and deep-seated anger. Negatively influenced by their peers at school, they turned to drugs to handle the pain. But their drug use only made things worse – conflicts at home, losing their parents’ trust, more restrictions and rules. Zuko’s feeling of self-worth plummeted and they attempted suicide.

Then Zuko found YES.

With the patient support of their YES counselor in one-on-one sessions combined with group therapy, Zuko learned there was another way to handle their pain. They learned to manage their emotions without drugs, and formed new healthy relationships that enable them to make better choices. Today, Zuko has reconnected with their family, reestablished trust with their parents, and is thriving at a new school with new friends – and is finally looking forward to their future.

 “I realized that I am worthy of being in this world and that there’s always going to be a place for me, I just have to create that place” ——Zuko

For nearly 50 years, YES has been helping young people like Zuko by offering compassionate, professional counseling and treatment services in a safe, nurturing environment. YES is the only community mental health agency in East King County that serves all families – regardless of their ability to pay.

Every year, thousands of kids and families come to YES in crisis during the most painful times of their lives. With your generous donation, YES is able to respond with life-changing mental health counseling, substance abuse treatment and more.

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