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Lynn Withrow and Jim Farmer Help Families Find Services

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Donor Spotlight Invest in Youth Breakfast
donors lynn withrow and jim farmer

Passionate advocates for youth

Lynn Withrow and Jim Farmer are passionate advocates for youth and families in East King County. As long-time YES supporters, they’ve generously invested both their time and financial resources because they believe all families should be able to access comprehensive behavioral health services.

Building a roadmap to servics

When Lynn and Jim first started attending the Invest in Youth Fundraiser in 1994, they noticed that there wasn’t a clear roadmap for treating mental health. Many in the community didn’t know where to turn.

“YES answered a lot of questions in our community. I was able to point several families towards the mental health care they needed,” said Lynn.

When Lynn was asked to join the board in 2001, it was an easy decision. She and Jim enjoyed introducing several friends and family members to the amazing work that YES does at the annual Invest in Youth fundraiser and also helping others find the care they needed for their children.

Continuing to help during more difficult times

These days, as a former board member and longtime donors, Lynn and Jim think it’s more important now than ever to continue to support YES’ mission to help children, youth, and families regardless of their ability to pay.

“These kids have it more difficult today, to be different in today’s world. We need to continue to help them as much as we can,” said Lynn.

Join Lynn and Jim in support of children, youth, and families by donating today! Each gift, whether it’s $5 or $500, makes a significant impact in the lives of youth.

And now you can give something youth can count on by making a monthly donation to YES. A monthly gift is the most convenient and effective way to provide consistent help to children, youth, and families in our community. It’s also budget and inflation friendly.  To schedule your monthly donation, visit

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