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JOIN US at the 2024 Invest in Youth Breakfast | May 9, 2024


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Inspired By a Shared Vision to Help Youth

Lidia Harding
Donor Spotlight Invest in Youth Breakfast
Dr. Lorena Shih

Dr. Lorena Shih’s journey with YES began with one of its founders, Dr. Lee Vincent. Over 50 years ago, Dr. Vincent helped establish YES because he saw the extent of youth substance use problems in East King County. At that time, resources to help those in need were nearly non-existent, so in response to youth substance use challenges in the community Dr. Vincent and the other founders launched YES from a one-room office in Kirkland.

Dr. Vincent shared his vision and passion for helping youth in the community with his partners at Allegro Pediatrics (then called Pediatric Associates). After attending the annual Invest in Youth YES fundraiser 12 years ago, Dr. Vincent recognized a similar passion in Dr. Shih at Allegro Pediatrics and referred her to the YES Board of Trustees. Dr. Shih has supported YES as a board member and a Champion for Youth Member ever since.

As a pediatrician, Dr. Shih knows firsthand the turmoil families face when their child is suffering from a mental illness or substance use.

“Children are experiencing adverse childhood events in ways we couldn’t imagine when we were growing up. I see it in my practice every day, the stress and burdens that our youth carry with them.”

“We have an ongoing mental health crisis unfolding during the pandemic that can be devastating for our community. We support YES because we care deeply about our community’s future.”

“We donate to YES because it’s an investment in children’s’ futures. We both have friends and family members who have been affected by mental illness. For us, it’s imperative to support YES and their mission to be a lifeline to support kids through challenges of emotional distress, substance abuse and violence.”

Champions for Youth Giving Circle

For over 50 years, caring community members have supported and advanced Youth Eastside Services’ mission through their generous contributions. Every gift helps further YES’ service to youth and families, and gifts of $1000 or more are especially critical to our ability to meet the increasing behavioral health care needs now, and in the future.

At YES, we believe it is important to recognize supporters who do so much to ensure the ongoing stability and strength of our organization. For this reason, we established the YES Champions for Youth Giving Circle- to recognize compassionate and caring people like Dr. Lorena Shih who so generously support our work.

To learn more about the Giving Circle, contact Lisa Hay, Chief Advancement Officer at 425-586-2328 or

Champions for youth mental health

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