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Stephanie Supports Students In-School

Lidia Harding
School-based Staff Spotlight
in-school counselor stephanie lunquist

Working with youth who have experienced extreme trauma

Growing up, school-based, co-occurring YES counselor Stephanie Lundquist, LMHCA, SUDPT said she always wanted to be a teacher. While pursuing her major, she had the opportunity to work in-school with students who had experienced extreme trauma and could not safely participate in a general education classroom. Working with these students who struggled with their mental health inspired her to pursue an education in youth mental health counseling.

Supporting students in-school is an incredible experience

Stephanie began working at YES over a year ago. She wanted to work for an organization that advocated for youth and had a clear mission providing services to the community. Today, Stephanie supports students at both Evergreen and Inglewood Middle Schools as a Behavioral Health Support Specialist. She considers the opportunity to be an incredible experience.

“Witnessing how discussions about mental health have encouraged youth to seek out services or help a friend in need, reminds me of why I love this work so much,” said Stephanie. “Right now, many students are experiencing challenges related to the pandemic, youth feeling isolated, a general lack of motivation, and conflict with family. It’s important to continue being there for them.”

In-school services are essential

Stephanie has always believed in-school services are essential to supporting youth. It is where youth spend the majority of their time.

“Being in schools allows us to collaborate with staff in creating emotionally safe and supportive learning environments. We reach youth who normally would not have access to mental health supports,” said Stephanie.

Services during COVID-19

With school districts beginning the year with remote learning, Stephanie and other YES school-based counselors will provide services by phone, confidential ZOOM one-to-one and group sessions, and by joining staff and students in classroom virtual platforms.

For more information

For a complete list of services and a list of YES school counselors and their office hours, please visit our webpage:

We are able to provide these services through a partnership with the Lake Washington and Bellevue School Districts, King County, and the support of our donors and funders. Join them in their support by donating today and provide our young people with better access to mental health and substance use services.

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