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Healing from the Loss of a Loved One

Lidia Harding
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When a child or teen is grieving the loss of a loved one, YES can help with healing and recovery. YES’ Youth and Family Mental Health Counseling helps young people gain emotional stability, health, and resilience during their grieving process. We do this by using evidence-based therapies delivered by Masters-level counselors, who are specially trained to work with youth and families in crisis. In most of the bereaved youth we see, the young person is experiencing symptoms of trauma and/or depression, and we address these symptoms with trauma-focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or CBT.

After a client receives their initial assessment through our new same-day intake system, Open Access, YES clinical staff provide one-to-one counseling. In the first few sessions youth develop a client-centered, trauma-informed, individualized treatment plan with their therapist. Individual counseling may be combined with group support and/or psychiatric services, as needed. We have two Child and Adolescent Psychiatrists on staff, with expertise in working with LGBTQ+ and Spanish-speaking youth. Youth may also need substance use treatment or treatment for co-occurring disorders. In these cases, young people are assigned to one of our Master’s –level, dually-certified clinicians who are licensed Mental Health Therapists and also certified as Chemical Dependency Professionals.

In 2018, the Safe Crossings Foundation awarded YES a grant to support this work, along with the opportunity to collaborate and network with other local organizations involved in helping children and youth who have lost a loved one. We are looking forward to these new partnerships.

If you or someone you know (age birth to 22) is struggling with grief over the loss of a loved one or other issues related to behavioral health, please visit us at our Bellevue location during our walk-in Open Access hours (Monday-Thursday 12 P.M. – 4 P.M.) or give us a call at 425-747-4937.

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