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Youth Advisory Council

Join the YES Youth Advisory Council!

We at YES, want to better understand the needs of youth in our community through the day-to-day challenges of the young people we serve. We strongly believe in youth and think their perspective is crucial to cause real change within our organization, as well as our East King County community.

In order to have a direct line to the changing needs of our youth YES has decided to establish a youth advisory council made up of youth age 14-19 in East King County.

Sign up for the YES Youth Advisory Council!

If you are interested in joining the YES Youth Council please click below to apply.

Sign up here

Once we receive your application of interest we will reach out to you within a week for an informal ZOOM interview.

Participation Costs

There will be no cost associated with YES Youth Advisory Council membership.

Time Commitment

While we are still developing the specifics to determine the best days and times for members. Members should expect a time commitment of approximately five to six hours a month including which includes two two-hour long meetings.


  • Community service hours applicable
  • Inclusion in college/university/work resumes
  • Strengthening peer-support surveillance, motivational interviewing skills, and providing a space for cultural connections
  • Creating campaigns for the peer-level prevention of suicide, substance abuse, and mental health challenges
  • Building leadership and professional development skills
  • Building self-care and wellness skills
  • Building advisory-based policy skills
  • Strengthening team-building skills

Virtual Access

Currently due to COVID-19 Youth Advisory Council Meetings will occur virtually using ZOOM. While members do not need a computer or laptop to join virtual meetings, a phone with internet access at a minimum will be required to contribute to the discussions.


If you have any questions about YES’ youth outreach initiative, please reach out call Stacy Mears at 425-586-2334 and leave a message.

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