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Gaby Turns Her Sorrow into Action

Lidia Harding
gaby tribute gift necklace

Gaby finds friendship in recovery

Gaby is 12 years old. Last year she was treated for an illness that began at the onset of the pandemic. While in treatment, Gaby met other teens who were struggling with the same illness and began to build strong friendships. They found comfort in each other, as they went through their recovery together.

Unfortunately, seven months into treatment one of those friends died by suicide. Gaby was distraught, and she didn’t know how she was going to get through her grief and sadness.

Coping with loss through action

To cope with her emotions, Gaby began to make jewelry. She decided to design a necklace with two heart charms in honor of her friend. Her mother helped her set up an Etsy store to sell her designs, including the special necklace.

Gaby chose to honor her friend by donating proceeds from the sale of the necklace to Youth Eastside Services (YES) and help other young people who are struggling with mental health and substance use challenges.

Honor someone in your life by helping someone in need with a tribute gift

Like Gaby, you too can honor someone in your life by making a gift to YES! With your gift a young person struggling with mental health and substance use challenges will be able to begin recovery.

Honor someone with a tribute gift

Making a donation in someone’s name is a special way to recognize, honor, and celebrate people and events that are important and help a young person struggling with mental health and substance use challenges. A special tribute card, drawn by a YES client, will be sent in recognition of your generous gift to the recipient of your donation.

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