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Embracing Summer with YES

Lidia Harding
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YES summer activities and groups

As summer begins, Youth Eastside Services (YES) is thrilled to announce a comprehensive list of activities and support groups designed to engage children, youth, and families. Summer is a critical time for youth, especially when it comes to mental health. Without the structure of school, many young people can feel lost or isolated, making it essential to provide enriching opportunities and support systems to help them thrive.

Supporting Youth Mental Health

At YES, we understand the importance of maintaining and supporting youth mental health during the summer months.

CEO David W. Downing expressed his enthusiasm for the summer programs, stating, “I hope you feel as proud as I am of the comprehensive, intentional planning done to assure the summer needs of our youth are met.”

Mental Health Support Groups

We are offering several groups focused on mental health and well-being for youth and families:

  • Summer TRAILS Group: Supports youth experiencing depression and anxiety by teaching coping skills to manage intense emotions.
  • Multi-Family DBT Group: Pairs youth and their caregivers to learn skills for managing emotional dysregulation and impulse control. (Read this recent article on YES’ new DBT Group structure.)
  • Group for Adult Parents/Caregivers of Neurodiverse Youth: Provides support and resources for caregivers of neurodiverse youth.
  • Spanish Parent Grief Group: Offers support for Spanish-speaking parents dealing with grief.
  • BGLAD LGBTQ+ Support Group: Weekly support for LGBTQ+ youth, available both in person and virtually.

Substance Use Support Groups

Our summer programming also includes a variety of substance use support groups to assist youth facing these challenges:

  • Affected Others Group: This group supports youth who have family members or friends struggling with substance use.
  • Recovery Group: For those in the process of recovering from substance use.
  • AWARE Group: Provides introductory education and treatment for young clients.
  • 7 Challenges Group: An evidence-based group helping youth create action plans to stop substance use.

Community Activities

In addition to support groups, YES provides numerous community activities to engage youth throughout the summer:

  • Free LWSD Middle School Summer Camp: Helps youth build social and practical skills through fun, socioemotional activities.
  • Mariposa Latin Summer Girls Group: Serves Latinx young girls at Crossroads.
  • Guys Summer Group for BIPOC Youth: Features field trips and events for young men of color.
  • Brazilian Student Club Summer Leadership: Includes sessions, field trips, and youth-organized gatherings.
  • Events at the Bellevue Teen Center: Family engagement activities, dinners, youth group walks and talks, lunch outings with counselors, and an end-of-summer resource and school launch bash.
  • YES SUCCESS Mentorship Program: Continues to support mentors and mentees with visits to escape rooms and a summer BBQ.

A Community Effort

None of this would be possible without the unwavering support of our community, partners, and donors. Your contributions enable us to provide these essential programs and support systems. We are deeply grateful for your continued support and commitment to the well-being of our youth.

Thank you for helping us make this summer a season of growth, support, and joy for all the young people we serve. Together, we can ensure that every youth has the opportunity to thrive, both during the summer and beyond.

Thanks to donor contributions, we can provide this wide array of services to support children, youth, and families throughout the summer. Please consider making a gift today to help us continue these efforts and reach even more individuals who may be struggling with isolation, depression, anxiety, and other challenging mental health issues during this time.

Thanks to donations like yours, no family is turned away because they can’t afford to pay for services.

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