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Donor Profile: Kevin & June Johnson

Lidia Harding
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kevin and june johnson

For Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson and his wife, June, family comes first. As residents of the area for more than two decades, they’ve put down deep roots that keep them committed to their community. Since 1999, that commitment has included supporting Youth Eastside Services.

The Johnsons first learned about YES from Executive Director Patti Skelton-McGougan, who they met through a mutual friend. As they got closer to the organization, Kevin says that he and June came to understand the value of the expertise and resources that YES offers to young people who are struggling — especially when it comes to dealing with serious issues like substance abuse, bullying, family challenges and more.

“When we’ve attended events and heard stories [from YES clients], it opens your eyes to the reality of what happens. It’s easy to go through life and not be aware of the struggles that others are going through,” Kevin says. “It’s an important thing to have YES in our community. That’s why June and I have been strong supporters.”

“When you hear the stories of some of the challenges that young people in our communities face, and think, ‘Where would they turn for support?,’ YES is there,” said Kevin Johnson.

Their concern for young people has kept them involved with YES for almost 20 years — and it’s become a family endeavor: Their son Michael serves on the YES Ambassadors, a group of young professionals whose activities support  YES’ mission and programs.

“Our entire family shares the view that serving others and helping people is important,” June says. “We have a lot  of respect for YES.”

For 50 years, caring community members like Kevin and June have supported and advanced Youth Eastside Services’ mission through their generous contributions. Every gift helps further YES’ service to youth and families, and gifts of $1,000 or more are especially critical to our ability to meet behavioral health care needs, now and in the future.

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