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The Transformative Impact of Supporting Community-Based Behavioral Health

Lidia Harding
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Community-based organization support

In behavioral health, nonprofit community-based organizations like Youth Eastside Services (YES) are necessary in addressing the unmet needs of a vulnerable community, particularly youth facing mental health and substance use challenges. Our work is only made possible thanks to our community’s dedication to accessibility, diversity, integrated care, and support for youth and families left behind by for-profit providers.

Increasing Accessibility

Through community support and partnership, we have been able to reduce barriers to accessing behavioral health services by strategically placing YES mental health professionals throughout the community. Unlike providers who may be limited to a single office location with restrictive hours, YES is able to prioritize accessibility by meeting youth where they are in three different office locations, in over 50 schools in the Lake Washington and Bellevue School Districts, and in local teen and community centers.

Therapies Tailored to the Individual

Our donors have recognized the importance of providing a range of evidence-based therapies like Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Parent-Child Interaction Therapy, The Seven Challenges Group, and others tailored to serve the community’s diverse needs. By employing a team of counselors with varied backgrounds, language and cultural capacities, and expertise, YES can provide therapies based on the individual challenges and goals of each client, providing the best possible chance at success.

Diverse and Sensitive Services

In our diverse and multicultural community, language can be a significant barrier to accessing mental health services. By supporting a diverse staff, you’re ensuring that YES can serve youth and families in nine languages with an awareness of culturally sensitive approaches. Fostering diversity and sensitivity within our counseling team, allowing for a more comprehensive, inclusive, and safe approach to mental health support.

Healthcare Integration

Healthcare integration is a cornerstone of nonprofit behavioral health organizations, reflecting an understanding that mental health is interconnected with other aspects of an individual’s life. This fosters a collaborative and comprehensive approach to services. Having counselors work with a young person’s family, school, coach, and community fosters an environment where recovery from mental health and substance use challenges becomes more attainable, and success rates are higher.

Serving the Overlooked

Children and youth who have acute mental health challenges and require financial assistance experience increased challenges when seeking behavioral health services. The support of our community ensures that YES can extend our programs to youth who might otherwise be left behind, focusing on those who need help the most rather than selecting based on financial ability.

Filling the Funding Gap

Reimbursement limitations in the behavioral health sector abound, and nonprofits must navigate these challenges to provide quality care. This is where the crucial role of donors comes into play. Contributions from individuals, organizations, and partnerships help bridge the funding gap, allowing nonprofits like YES to continue serving the most vulnerable in our community.

Together, we are creating a more equitable and compassionate landscape for mental health care, reaching those who need it most and ensuring that no one is left behind. Thank you for making a lasting difference in the lives of the most vulnerable among us.

Supporting youth community-based behavioral health organizations and youth struggling with substance use and mental health challenges is only made possible through the generosity of supporters like you. Please consider making a gift today to continue to provide children, youth, and families with the services and programs that support their mental health and recovery.

Thanks to donations like yours, no family is turned away because they can’t afford to pay for services.

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