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50th Anniversary

Celebrating 50 years of service.

A message from Patti, YES CEO

On November 1, 1968, Youth Eastside Services (YES), then called Heads Up, was incorporated as a 501(c)(3), and an amazing journey began. In those early years, dedicated adults volunteered as “flyers” who sped across the Eastside to help kids with drug overdoses and other crises, or as “rappers” who sat and talked with teens about whatever was troubling them. Today, YES has evolved to become a comprehensive behavioral health care agency that continues to serve our community.

This year, YES is proud to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of being a lifeline for East King County children, teens and families coping with challenges such as depression, substance use, bullying and violence. Although many things have changed – just look at the Bellevue skyline – what has not changed is our commitment to provide high quality programs and services that respond to youth and families’ mental health and substance use challenges.

YES’ successes are the result of tireless efforts by staff and volunteers who possess a passion for improving the lives of our youth.  They are truly the heart and soul of our organization. Many of our current staff and trustees have worked with YES for well over a decade, demonstrating an  impressive dedication to our work.

None of this would be possible without you.  With your generous support, YES has guided and empowered thousands of children and teens to meet and overcome significant challenges to realize their full potential. We are your agency, and you enable us to remain strong and move forward with confidence.

This year is a special opportunity to celebrate our achievements, and to mark the beginning of serving the community for another 50 years.  We look forward to sharing historical highlights on our website and social media throughout the year, and inviting you to join us at a special fall celebration.




Patti Skelton-McGougan

YES Chief Executive Officer

Help Us Achieve Another 50 Years!

You can support YES clients by making an online donation.

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