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Celebrating Community Champions: Amazon and Keri Pravitz

Lidia Harding
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YES Community Award Recipient Amazon

Empowering Communities Through Generosity: Amazon’s Impact

In a tribute to philanthropy and community engagement, Youth Eastside Services (YES) is proud to announce Amazon as its esteemed 2024 Community Award recipient. Since 2019, Amazon’s steadfast support, totaling over $130,000, is so much more than just a number; it represents hope and recovery for the children, youth, and families battling mental health and substance use challenges.

Beyond Financial Contributions

While Amazon’s financial contributions have been substantial, the dedication of individuals like YES Board of Trustee members Shreyans Bothra and Miguel Macias has truly enriched YES’s partnership with Amazon. Their active participation on the Board of Trustees has provided valuable insights and is a testament to Amazon’s commitment to the community.

Community partnerships are the cornerstone of positive change, and the active participation of individuals serving on nonprofit boards exemplifies the transformative impact of collaborative efforts in uplifting communities.

A Spirit of Compassion

The unwavering dedication of Keri Pravitz, Amazon’s Community Engagement Manager, is at the core of the collaboration between Amazon and YES. With a career defined by her profound commitment to community service, Keri’s influence extends beyond securing corporate support; she actively fosters meaningful connections by organizing special events for YES clients and families, like the early screening of “Boys in the Boat” and the Winterland no-cost shopping experience. These initiatives provided essential resources, joy, and enrichment into the lives of YES youth and families, showcasing the transformative power of genuine community engagement.

Uniting for a Common Cause

“As we at YES express our immense gratitude and extend heartfelt congratulations to Amazon and Keri Pravitz, I want to underscore the transformative power of partnership and collective goodwill. By together, we have the power to create meaningful change and truly impact the lives of children, youth, and families in our community,” says David W. Downing, YES CEO.

In celebrating Amazon and Keri Pravitz, YES reaffirms its commitment to fostering partnerships that uplift communities and break down barriers. Their contributions inspire others to create a more compassionate society, one act of kindness at a time.

Supporting youth struggling with substance use and mental health challenges is only made possible through the generosity of our community and partnerships like with Amazon. Please consider making a gift today to join Amazon’s collective effort to provide children, youth, and families with the services and programs that support their mental health and recovery.

Thanks to donations like yours, no family is turned away because they can’t afford to pay for services.

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