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Caleb Embraces Who They Are Thanks to YES

Lidia Harding
BGLAD Success Stories
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“Ever since about 2nd grade, I’ve struggled with depression. It really started to kick in at the beginning of middle school in 6th grade. I had very negative feelings towards myself and others. I had intentions of hurting myself and I didn’t feel good about the way I looked, and about my gender and sexuality. I began doing negative things for attention and then I got hooked on it.

In 2017, I started receiving services at YES. I was very anxious. I was not very trusting of anyone at that time. When I first started, I didn’t share a lot of things. But my counselor was really good at helping me come out of my shell, tell the truth, and verbalize what was actually going on. BGLAD and the facilitators have really helped me, and also the other people that I have been going to BGLAD with for the past two years. They helped me embrace who I am and not be afraid.

The feeling that I get after leaving YES is a lot more positive than when I come in. I learned that I am a much better person than I thought I was before first coming here, because I felt so bad about myself. I’m still working through that, but it’s gotten much better. I’ve learned better ways that I can cope.”

At YES, Caleb gained life-changing skills to manage emotional, behavioral and interpersonal challenges. Through Dialectical Behavior Therapy, an evidence-based therapy, Caleb learned how to identify and process emotions safely and effectively. BGLAD, a free drop-in group for youth ages 13 to 19 who identify as LGBTQ+ or may be questioning their gender or sexual identities, provided Caleb with acceptance and support.

Since then Caleb has met others who share a similar story and is considering becoming a trauma therapist to help others.

Youth like Caleb, and their families, receive the services they need to recover and lead healthy lives because of donors like you. For 50 years, YES has been providing compassionate, professional counseling and treatment services in a safe, nurturing environment. YES is the only youth-serving behavioral health agency in East King County that assists all families, regardless of their ability to pay.

Please make your online gift today, so youth like Caleb can get the care they need.


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