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Antonio Recovers from Loss

Lidia Harding
Success Stories Youth and Family Counseliing
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Antonio was nine years old when he lost a hero. His older sister, Kelly, passed away after a hard-fought battle with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. It was immediately clear to Antonio’s mother that her two sons were grieving very differently—Antonio needed more support.

Getting connected to a YES counselor was as simple as walking through the door, no appointment needed. At that first visit, Antonio was assigned to a bi-lingual Spanish/English counselor so that his mom could participate fully in the process. She says that the support Antonio and her family have received from YES has made her feel more stable or “tranquilo.”

In the first few weeks at YES, Antonio and his counselor created a tool called a “memorial box.” Together, they decorated a simple box with a hole in the top. When Antonio thinks of his sister or has something he wants to share with her, he writes it down and puts it in the box.

But the box was just the beginning. YES counselors are trained and certified in evidence-based therapies specifically aimed at reducing anxiety and depression symptoms for young people who experience trauma.

After a year of working with his counselor, Antonio is able to identify his intense emotions and use the skills he learned in therapy to cope. He’s grown more resilient in the face of challenges he experiences at school, home, and even on the playground.

Antonio’s story of success is only made possible through the support of our amazing donors. If you’d like to participate and change the narrative for a youth struggling with grief or trauma issues, please consider donating today.

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