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Alex Celebrates One Year of Sobriety

Lidia Harding
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Alex is a recovering addict and alcoholic who celebrated one year of sobriety this past April.

Alex, now 18, experienced negative effects of alcohol at a young age when his father struggled with his own alcoholism. As Alex and his siblings grew older, the stress of his father’s recovery became overwhelming, and they all began to experiment with substances. For Alex, it was a quick addiction. He went from smoking marijuana to acid, Xanax and cocaine, all within one month. He soon began to make money dealing drugs and fell deeper into his addiction.

Then, in April of 2017, Alex got arrested for possession and distribution. At 17, Alex admitted to having a problem and decided not to fight anymore. He went to an inpatient rehabilitation clinic in California, and he’s been sober ever since.

Once Alex returned home, he got involved with YES in-school recovery groups and started advocating for sobriety. He works closely with his school’s YES counselor and others in sobriety to stay sober as he finishes his senior year at Eastlake High School.

Alex said, “I never would’ve imagined how great my life is thanks to these groups and my sobriety.”

To get  Alex’s complete story, watch his speech from the YES 2018 Invest in Youth Breakfast.

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