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JOIN US at the 2024 Invest in Youth Breakfast | May 9, 2024

Mission & Vision

YES is a lifeline for young people and families.


YES helps youth reach their full potential, strengthens families, and advocates for a safe, caring, and equitable community through behavioral health support, expert intervention, outreach, and education.


We are building toward an Eastside community where every young person feels safe, respected, supported, and has a sense of belonging that empowers them to grow into the person they aspire to be.


The young people and families we serve are coping with today’s most difficult life challenges, generational traumas, systemic oppression, and inequities. We believe that every person deserves equitable opportunities to achieve their goals, and that the strongest communities support those who face the greatest barriers to well-being.


We advocate for a diverse and inclusive work and service environment where people of every age, ethnicity, faith, gender expression, immigration status, perspective, physical or mental ability, race, sexual orientation, size, and every intersectionality can thrive. We will continuously evolve to best support young people and families in ways that acknowledge their experiences and identities and promote healing and well-being.

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