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As a healthcare facility, per King County requirements, masks continue to be mandatory in all YES indoor public, counseling, and group activity spaces.


Be the good in the world and become the next generation of mental health service providers.

Internships are one of the many ways in which Youth Eastside Services (YES) is helping to nurture and develop the next generation of behavioral health service professionals. YES relies on existing relationships with local graduate school programs to fill around a dozen clinical internship positions each year. Our internship commitment ranges from 9 to 12 months, depending on program requirements and other factors like our community needs during summer.

Our main hiring cycle starts every March in order to fill open positions anticipated for the following Fall. YES may have alternative Winter or Spring opportunities depending on supervisor availability (maybe specific for some Couples and Family programs, please ask!).


  • Be enrolled as a student in a Master’s-level Mental Health Counseling, Marriage/Couples and Family, Social Work (Advanced/Specialist), or similar Psychology program.
  • Be eligible and able to work in the Bellevue/Kirkland/Redmond (WA) areas
  • Be able to dedicate a minimum of 16 hours per week for 12 months (typically end of September through August)
  • Have a desire and passion for helping youth and families

NOTE: There may be other opportunities for Bachelor’s-level volunteers or interns not pursuing a Master’s degree. Check our job postings too!


To apply, complete the following application materials:

  • The Application Form (recommended to fill out digitally first, print, then sign)
    • At Will disclosure (Sign)
    • WA Patrol Background Check (complete section C, sign and address Section D)
  • Cover letter
  • Resume

Please submit completed application material via mail, email, or in person:

Justin J. Daigneault (he/him or they/them), MS, LMHC, CN
Intern Program Coordinator
P 425-586-2338
999 164th Ave. N.E. | Bellevue, WA | 98008

Download Application


  • Youth Eastside Services has been serving children, youth, and families on the eastside for over 50 years. This means YES is well integrated and has a good reputation with doctors, teachers, and other service providers in the area.
  • We provide a unique opportunity to work with youth and families (ages 6-22) on the eastside with diverse backgrounds, experiences, and needs.
  • This rigorous setting prepares interns well for being ready to work in the behavioral health field.
  • Get training and experience with Electronic Health Records, as well as consistency and standards related to documentation.
  • Interns get hands-on experience, training, and supervision around evidence-based practices such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) for depression, anxiety, behavior/parenting, and trauma, and exposure to Dialectical Behavioral Therapy and Motivational Interviewing, as well as other modalities such as expressive arts/play therapy and family therapy.
  • Interns will conceptualize and develop treatment plans based on Social Determinants of Health, collaborate with case management, coordinate with other professionals, and provide ongoing clinical services focused on Whole Person Care.
  • Interns get experience coordinating with our on-site psychiatric staff who support clients with assessment and medication management
  • Supervisors help interns focus on specific learning outcomes to target areas of growth and support while fostering your inherent strengths.
  • We provide at least 1 hour of face-to-face supervision every week as well as on-site group consult twice per month.
  • Interns work at the agency as well as in the local school setting. Students will learn to collaborate with school systems to observe and advocate for student needs.
  • We provide opportunities with groups such as DBT skills groups, BGLAD queer youth support groups, and Substance Use Recovery groups.
  • Students get course credits to qualify for graduation requirements.
  • Gain practice and adaptability with virtual and in-person services to help meet clients where they are at.
  • Students will learn Trauma-Informed Approach in working not only with clients and families but also how this lens applies to our entire agency at every level for peer and self-awareness, fostering an intentional community and sense of safety and belonging.
  • Interns can participate in YES Affinity Groups to further foster community and connection (current groups: BIPOC, LGBTQ+, and Anti-racism Work)
  • Networking with other peers and professionals that can lead to future employment and growth opportunities.
  • Ongoing learning and training opportunities!


If you are looking for other volunteer opportunities consider becoming a SUCCESS Mentor.

SUCCESS Mentoring works to help struggling youth thrive socially and academically by pairing them with adult mentors who provide support. The program fosters long-term relationships between mentors and mentees with the aim of helping participants overcome personal and family problems, stay in school, increase their academic achievement and motivation, improve their decision-making skills and increase their sense of self-worth.

SUCCESS Mentorship information.

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