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Violence Prevention Services

Building Safe Schools and Safer Communities for Kids
Violence and bullying are significant problems for many kids on the Eastside.  The most recent Healthy Youth Survey showed that approximately 25% of kids in the Lake Washington and Bellevue School Districts reported problems with bullying and up to 30% reported being in fights.  What’s more, 25% of teen dating relationships have some sort of abuse involved.  Being a victim of violence can lead to depression, eating disorders, poor school performance and even suicide.  At YES we are working with schools, community centers and other agencies to address the root causes of youth violence in our community to stop it before it occurs.

In addition to education and prevention activities, YES counselors offer crisis intervention and conflict resolution to help kids manage anger and address bullying or violence.  We help youth find their voice, set boundaries and advocate for themselves in ways that are safe, healthy and effective.

We also offer consultation for gang-related concerns and training for teachers, medical personnel, law enforcement and community members to help them identify danger signs and respond to youth violence.

YES currently offers two specific programs to address youth violence: