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Teen Dating Violence

Love Shouldn’t Hurt
Did you know that one in three teen relationships involve violence? That’s a lot of teens getting emotionally, physically or sexually hurt in a dating relationship. Survivors of such abuse are significantly more likely to turn to drugs, develop eating disorders, become pregnant or commit suicide. And teens who abuse often grow into adult abusers. 

YES offers one of the only resources in the Puget Sound Region for teens affected by teen dating violence. Our services include one-to-one counseling for dating violence survivors to help them heal from the effects of the abuse and feel safe again. In addition, YES offers counselors experienced in Sexual Abuse treatment. We also offer support services and a prevention program called RESPECT.

Click here for information for teens and parents.

RESPECT stands for “Relationship Equality & Safety: Peers Educating Community Teens.” Since 1993, this program has educated thousands of teens about dating violence using a best-practice peer-to-peer model. RESPECT is a co-ed group of teens who educate their peers and friends about preventing and recognizing dating violence. High school students are trained to lead interactive, educational presentations about teen dating violence in local schools. This is a co-ed group because dating violence and healthy relationships are issues for guys and girls so both need to be involved in the solution.

Why Peer Leaders?
Peer education works because teens talk to teens, listen to teens and learn from teens. And no one is an expert on being a teen like a teen. What’s more, kids are much more likely to tell each other about abuse than to report it or tell an adult, so teens are in a unique position to respond. Peer educators attend workshops to gain the knowledge and skills they need. They also develop leadership, public speaking and team building skills while making friends and providing a valuable service.

For information on a RESPECT presentation, please email our Teen Dating Violence program coordinator or call 425.747.4937. For information on sexual abuse services, click here.