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Success Mentoring

Mentorship Works
Research shows that having the positive influence of an adult mentor makes a real difference in the life of a youth.  In general, kids with mentors:
  •   Have better school attendance and improved GPA.
  •   Report improved parent & peer relationships.
  •   Are 46% less likely to initiate drug use and 27% less likely to use alcohol.
  •   Are 33% less likely to engage in physical violence.
  •   Feel a positive sense of belonging in their community and are less likely to join a gang

Success for Kids &
Rewards for Adults
The Youth Eastside Services mentoring program provides the continuity and caring that may be missing from a young person's life.  The program brings success for kids and many rewards for their adult mentors—including the joy of making a difference in the life of a child.  The commitment is only a few hours a week for one year.  The mentees are ages 6–17 and come from single parent households.  Mentor volunteers are matched with a child based on interests, availability and location. 

Success Mentors don’t need any experience because they and their mentees build a friendship doing the kinds of activities mentors already enjoy—like taking a hike, shopping at the mall, sharing a pizza or playing games.  Volunteer mentors in our Success program receive quality training, weekly support, monthly newsletters and activities. And our Success staff are always available to help and advise.

Calling all Men
We have a particular need for male mentors for young boys living without a father in their lives.  Currently we have up to a three-year waiting list for boys to be matched with a male mentor. 

For more information or to become a mentor, call 425.747.4937, or email

Click here for a brochure on Success Mentoring. Download a flyer in English and Español.