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Parenting Support

You want to raise your children to be kind, caring and respectful of others. You want them to be emotionally healthy and physically strong, do well in school, and be good citizens in our community. You want the best for them, and do all you can to raise them in a positive environment surrounded by love and a generous spirit.

All parents want this. But in today’s world, with so much demanding your time and attention, how do you know if you’re parenting in ways that fully support your children as they grow? After all, kids don’t come with an instruction manual.

At Youth Eastside Services, we offer the next best thing--tools using the positive parenting approach recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics. Through a series of small group classes or individualized one-to-one coaching, you’ll learn how to create or sustain a positive relationship with your child and how to parent well in any situation.

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  Check out our latest Parenting Tips & Tidbits
          Packed with advice for parents of tots to teens!

 Volume 10
     "No" is not a four-letter word; ready for school on time
 Volume 9
     Parenting from scratch; get homework done
 Volume 8
     Wait a minute 
 Volume 7
     Begin with the end; manage video games
 Volume 6
     Building better relationships, benefits of parenting classes
 Volume 5
     When parents disagreee, building cooperation and more
 Volume 4 
     Keeping tempers in check and relationships healthy
 Volume 3 
     Is the relationship with your child getting better or worse
 Volume 2 
     Introverts and extroverts, stepparenting, and more 
 Volume 1 
                                                  Parental allies, transitioning toddlers, and more
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What people have to say....

"I so appreciate all the information you presented on child development and parenting chioces and also the encouragement you provided."

"I love how you have succeeeded in creating a nonjudgemental atmosphere."