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YES is committed to keeping parents, donors, service providers and youth on the forefront of information about substance abuse, behavioral issues, building loving families and raising healthy kids.  We print two newsletters each year and produce a monthly e-newsletter each month with the latest teen drug trends, imporant tip for parents and information on YES services.  We also post regular updates on Facebook.  To get our most regular information, sign-up below:

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Lifeline Online
August 2014 Enews--Getting kids ready to learn
June 2014 Enews--Schools' Out, YES is In
April 2014 Enews--Signs of an Abusive Relationship, Raising a Moral Child
February 2014 Enews--Countdown to Breakfast, Teen Dating Violence Prevention, Energy Drinks
February 2013 Enews--Teen Dating Violence, Bullying and Substance Abuse, Youth in Crisis
January 2013 Enews
--Resolutions, Smart Phone Etiquette, Online Advergames
December 2012 Enews--Light a Spark, Overindulgence, Social Media
November 2012 Enews--Internet Safety, Survivors of Suicide, Be a Table Captain
October 2012 Enews--Overcoming Bullying, Arguing Teens, Invest in Youth Announcement
September 2012 Enews--School related stress and success, youth suicide
July 2012 Enews--Motivating kids to help, social networking trends, and more
June 2012 Enews--Pot use on rise, parenting through divorce, and more
May 2012 Enews--Overachievers, drinking hand sanitizer, suing bullies, and more
April 2012 Enews--Managing anger, reducing academic pressures, parent education
March 2012 E-News--Parent's Addiction, texting and dating and more
February 2012 E-newsletter--Helping kids with grief, exercise and grades, breakfast 
January 2012 E-newsletter--Improving discipline, parenting classes, trends and more
December 2011 E-newsletter--Stopping sexual abuse, trends, holiday giving & more
November 2011 E-newsletter--Gratitude, managing stress, breakfast news & more 
October 2011 E-newsletter--Talking to your kids about terrorism, new director & more
September 2011 E-newsletter--Helping kids transition, guide to street drugs & more
August 2011 E-newsletter--New parent education, trends, teen dating violence
July 2011 E-newsletter--Step-parenting, perscription drugs, anti-bullying
June 2011 E-newsletter--Cyberbullying, prescription drug use, & more
May 2011 E-newsletter--The teen discipline tightrope, youth trends & more
April 2011 E-newsletter--Helping your kids cope with disasters, trends & more
March 2011 E-newsletter--Caffeine's impact on kids, speaker announced & more
February 2011 E-newsletter--Tattoos and teen, Jamie Moyer at Camp Mariposa
January 2011 E-newsletter--Teen drug trends, YES Youth featured in Seattle Times
December 2010 E-newsletter--Setting holiday boundaries, torn apart by family strife
November 2010 E-newsletter--Heroin use in Eastside youth, LGBTQ bullying & more

Parenting Tip & Tidbits
Volume 10--"No" is not a four-letter word; ready for school on time
Volume 9--Parenting from scratch; get homework done
Volume 8--Wait a minute
Volume 7
--Begin with the end; manage video games
Volume 6--Building better relationships, benefits of parenting classes
Volume 5--When parents disagreee, building cooperation and more
Volume 4--Keeping tempers in check and relationships healthy
Volume 3--Is the relationship with your child getting better or worse
Volume 2--Introverts and extroverts, stepparenting, and more
Volume 1--Parental allies, transitioning toddlers, and more

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