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When Too Much ... Is Too Much

In "How Much is Enough," authors Jean Illsley Clark, PH.D., Connie Dawson, PH. D. and David Bredhehoft, PH. D. describe overindulgence in this way:

Overindulging children is giving them too much of what looks good, too soon, too long. It is giving them things or experiences that are not appropriate for their age or their interests and talents. It is the process of giving things to children to meet the adults' needs, not the child's needs.

Overindulgence is giving a disporportionate amount of family resources to one or more children in a way that appears to be meeting the children's needs but does not, so children experience scarcity in the midst of plenty.

Overindulgence is doing or having so much of something that it does active harm or at least stagnates a person and deprives that person of achieving his or her full potential.

Overindulgence is a form of child neglect. It hinders children from doing their development tasks, and from learning necessary life lessons.

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