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Youth Eastside Services is pleased to offer experts on a number of topics of interest to parents. Following are descriptions of some of our one-hour community classes; feel free to suggest topics of interest to your work, social, school or faith-based group. Go to Speakers Bureau for a printable flyer.

To arrange for a speaker, please contact our Marketing and Communications Department at, or call 425.586.2322. An honorarium may be requested to cover staff time and material.

What is Positive Discipline and Why is it Important?
See how this approach can help your family 

Positive Discipline is a respectful way for parents to work with their children, based on the recommendations of the American Academy of Pediatrics. Learn why being kind and firm at the same time will improve your relationship with your child, making parenting easier and bringing more peace to your family.

Parenting Teens Using Positive Parenting Strategies
It is not too late to get on track with your relationship

How you approach parenting is very important, especially during the teen years. Learn how to establish a communication style that allows your child to be heard; how to set firm limits with kindness; and how you can create a family agreement with your teen.

Improving Success in School
It really is within reach!
To improve school success, parents should understand how to define success for their children and what factors influence it. Learn how to provide the support needed to establish and manage a daily routine, tips on motivating kids and ways to set reasonable expectations.

Talking to Kids about Marijuana in the Age of Legalization
And other important drug and alcohol trends

With the new legal climate surrounding marijuana, many kids feel this is a safe drug with no side effects. Their arguments are bolstered by numerous websites and public debates. A Certified Chemical Dependency counselor from YES will explore the teen logic around marijuana and the dangers for teens. The discussion will include information on drug and alcohol trends and how to improve the chances of having a drug- and alcohol-free teen.

Youth Drug and Alcohol Trends
Experimenting is not what it used to be

Leading youth substance abuse counselors help parents understand drug and alcohol trends, how to spot substance abuse and when experimentation crosses over to abuse or addiction. We will also review risk factors and effective ways parents can discourage youth drug use—believe it or not, parents have more influence than you think!

Are You Doing Too Much for Your Children?
Don't fall into this common trap

Overindulgence is not just about providing too many "things." It's also about too many privileges, too much attention and too few rules. Learn ways to set limits on what is given and how to empower children by letting them do for themselves.

School Transitions
From elementary to middle school or middle school to high school

Changing schools is a stressful time for most kids, and for some it becomes overwhelming. Learn how parents can help children navigate changing schools, changing bodies, the need to belong, and the pressure to succeed.

Guiding Your Family in Today's High Tech World
Are you caught in a juggling act balancing media use in your house?

You can be an advocate for the latest technology and also question how much is too much. Learn: Why parents should set limits around technology use; What parents can do to help their children learn responsible behavior when they are online and/or using digital devices; and How to monitor and set limits.

Teen Stress
What parents need to know

Teen life presents its own stress-inducing challenges from school pressures, peer pressures, changing relationships, family conflicts and more. Learn the symptoms of stress. Discover factors influencing your teen's risk of stress and what you and your teen can do to manage it. Find out when to seek outside help.

Improving Family Communication
Learn words and phrases that will reduce family conflict

Children remember the words you use. Knowing what to say empowers parents, helps reduce power struggles and increases cooperation. With positive family communications, you can help your child feel encouraged and loved.

Parenting Through Separation and/or Divorce
And understanding your child’s unique needs during this time 
Divorce can be a time of grief for a child. This can be complicated by parental turmoil, different discipline styles, rearranged schedules and more. YES experts will help parents see the common pitfalls, learn how to communicate better with their child, and improve harmony and behavior by acknowledging the emotions in the family.