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 Redmond Reporter | August 14, 2015
Seven steps to a great school year | GUEST COLUMN
Where did summer go? It’s hard to believe that a new school year begins in just a few weeks. For most kids and teens, this is an exciting time: They’re looking forward to seeing their friends, making new ones and learning more about their favorite subjects. But it’s also a time of stress and anxiety... More>

 Parentmap | August 1, 2015
Ask the Experts: How Do I Get My Teenage Night Owl to Sleep?
How you can instill healthy sleep habits in your teen, from limiting electronics before bed to creating a family evening "cooldown" routine. More>

 Bellevue Reporter | July 14, 2015
Attempted suicides by Eastside teens jump
High expectations and limited resources for high school students on the Eastside have resulted in more teenagers turning to alcohol and marijuana to cope with anxiety and an alarming jump in the number of attempted suicides. More>

 Kirkland Reporter | June 11, 2015
YES director recognized by Alliance of Eastside Agencies
Last week at its annual Spring Awards Luncheon, the Alliance of Eastside Agencies (AEA) presented Youth Eastside Services (YES) Associate Director David Downing with the Leadership Award for his service as AEA board chair. More>

 Bellevue Reporter | March 5, 2015
YES fundraiser shares successes, losses | Nonprofit drew in $680K for youth programs
Over the past 18 years Patti Skelton-McGougan has served as executive director of Youth Eastside Services, drugs have become stronger and children more susceptible to feelings of depression and anxiety — but YES has and continues to be there to help youth and parents recover. More>

 Ron and Don / KIRO Radio / | March 5, 2015
Penny Legate shares daughter's story to debunk images of addicts
Three years after her 19-year-old died of a heroin overdose, Northwest media personality Penny Legate said what she misses most is sharing a laugh with her daughter. More> | March 2, 2015
Tech Leader Kevin Johnson Begins New Role as Starbucks President and COO
Long before Kevin Johnson was named Starbucks president and chief operating officer, and a decade before being appointed to the company's board of directors, he was a Starbucks customer. More>

 Remond Reporter | Feb. 20, 2015
Letting go of ‘not my child’ | Guest Column
A middle-schooler coping with the loss of a family member. A teen who was new to town and just wanted to fit in. A high-school athlete. The daughter of a Seattle news anchor. Depressed, rebellious, ostracized, troublemaker: These words don’t describe many of the kids we see at Youth Eastside Services (YES) for substance abuse. More>